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  • Dear Editor,
    While appreciating Prof. M.S. Sriram’s sympathetic review of these memoirs (“Bureaucrat on the Burning Deck” a review of October Coup: A Memoir of the Struggle for Hyderabad by Mohammed Hyder, Roli Books, 2012, Business Standard, June 15, 2012), please allow me to comment on two issues raised by him.
    He expresses mild disappointment that the book is not a review of high policy issues then in play: whether integration or independence was the appropriate policy for Hyderabad to pursue; whether Police Action was necessary; whether subsequently the state should have been fragmented along linguistic lines. As he rightly points out, such issues have formed the basis of earlier works, such as the late Omar Khalidi’s Hyderabad After the Fall. But the author of these memoirs was writing as Collector of Osmanabad a sensitive border district. The negotiations at the centre are not the main focus of the book. Rather, it is the repercussions of that process on the periphery ie at district level and on the borders, that is the main subject of the first part of the book. This different perspective successfully illuminates some of the weaknesses of the Hyderabad government’s position. There is no reason why all accounts should deal with high policy. I would submit that the middle-management, district-level perspective adds to our understanding of Hyderabad politics. Further, the Collector’s preoccupation with law and order is not sufficiently appreciated by the reviewer. In troubled times, what is more important than that? Good government, justice, everything depends on order. In this context the book provides a detailed first-person account of what it was like to be assailed simultaneously by the Islamist Razakars and the State Congress Party’s volunteers, both groups hell-bent on organized violence.
    On my second point: it seems almost churlish to take up the reviewer for stating that he could see the book’s dramatic potential, as making a “great piece of literature” as he puts it. I think the author was anxious to provide a factual, not a dramatized account. He had enough difficulty getting the authorities to believe the facts without elaborating on them. He must be appreciated for providing a very clear explanation of the aftermath of police action. How was it that obtaining justice suddenly became so difficult? He was not alone in experiencing this difficulty. Almost everyone associated with the fallen regime came under suspicion; they had all become the demonized ‘Other.’ In his own case, what should have been a simple matter of clearing up the absurd accusations could not be accomplished because the basis of common values and mutual regard that normally sustain notions of fair play and justice had, for the time being, ceased to exist. There is, in short, much to appreciate and ponder over in the book. The reviewer is very kind but sometimes his desire for another kind of book prevents him from more fully appreciating what is in front of him.
    (Masood Hyder is the editor of October Coup)

  • Hi,

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  • Vasathi Housing celebrates International Women’s Day
    Women employees of Vasathi Housing spent a day with the underprivileged children to make their day special

    HYDERABAD, March 8, 2013: Vasathi Housing celebrated Women’s Day with the children of the construction workers at the crèche facility “Bricks to Books”, the CSR initiative of Vasathi. The unique initiative “Adwitiya – You Are the One” was aimed at reaching out to the underprivileged children and bringing streaks of joy to their day through various activities- song and dance sessions, painting competition, theatrical frolics and recitations.
    P. V. Ravindra Kumar, CEO, Vasathi Housing Ltd., said, “Vasathi Housing has 40 % women employees and their contribution to the growth of the company is invaluable. They chose this day to spread their love and knowledge with the underprivileged children and bring smiles to their faces.”

    In words of Sravani, one of the kids at Bricks to Books, “We had a great time today. We got toys, chocolates, picture books, crayons and played games. All of us sang songs and recited poems together. We also had a drawing competition where all of us were declared winners at the end!”

  • Respected sir,

    I, Madha Suresh,
    S/o: Venkateswarlu
    belongs to
    Gumpellagudem village, Garla Mandal, Khammam
    Dist, here with bring
    your kind consideration that I belong to a very poor family. My
    parents are illiterate and my mother, a daily wage labourer, is the
    only source of income to my family.

    I persued my schooling
    and intermediate education from
    government institutions. I got selected for MHRD programme for
    scholarship, using,
    which, I completed my graduation from Kakatiya
    University with85% of marks.

    unfortunately, though I am eligible to receive it
    even for PG, I am not receiving it. I am not in a position to wage a
    legal battle for it, as, from the time I joined graduation, I decided
    to become a civil servant and time is a major constraint for me. I
    want to become a civil servant such that I can help
    poor & ambitious
    people like me and see that the only eligible will reap the fruits of
    government’s welfare programmes. I want to be a custodian or curator
    to the society’s property.

    ACADEMY, on seeing my performance,
    tenacity and poor financial condition, is
    supporting me in my
    preparation for civil services.

    Hence I request
    you sir, to kindly extend me a helping
    hand financially such that I become a civil servant. I require Rs.75,
    000/- to spend on my Civils preparation,to pay a part of coaching fee
    dues, after concession and for buying books. I promise to repay you
    back both by my achievement and moniterly, for whatever I received
    from you. I request you to help me to the maximum possible extent.

    Unfortunately if
    I join a part time job, I will be
    losing precious time of preparation, which will delay my becoming a
    civil servant. The earlier I become a civil servant, the earlier I can
    start serving many people who are needy and save them from agony.

    I am waiting
    eagerly and very
    hopefully to receive a
    timely help from you.

    Thanking you

    Yours faithfully,


  • Home

    I invite the kind attention of philanthropists.

    I am E. Venkata Naresh, aged 18 Yrs having 81% physical deformity suffering with three chronicle diseases., DYASTIMYLIA , TROPIC ULCER OF LEFT FOOT, NEUOROGENIC BLADDER unable to walk but studying intermadiate in Sri venkateswara junior college ,TIRUPATI .

    It is my misfortune that repeated surgeries needed to cure my left foot WOUND and I have also urine problem .

    My parents are daily wage earners and they need to look after two more my younger sisters who are completely deaf and dumb.

    Now my parents are completely helpless. so I earnestly appeal to the magnanimous people to shower sympathy on us and come to our rescue for which act of generosity shall ever be grateful.


    The wound on left foot (ulcer) need to dressing daily with betadine solution& ointment .urine problem is another daily with betadine solution& ointment .urine problem is another daily with betadine solution& ointment. So it ismajor problem continue my studies, where as daily four to five dressesdies, where as daily four to five dresses have to wash & dry

    One person has to spent full time with me to take care of my daily activities











    Address :DOOR 18-1-90/14/1 YASODA TIRUPATI-517501 CHITTOOR DISTRCT AP

    Account Number :00000030883112025

    Account Description:SBCHQ-GEN-PUB-IND-NONRURAL-INR

    Branch :TILAK ROAD

    CIF No. :85614326548

    IFS Code :SBIN0003187

    MICR Code :517002006

    Neurogenic bladder dysfunction

    Neurogenic bladder dysfunction, sometimes simply referred to as neurogenic bladder, is a dysfunction of the urinary bladder due to disease of the central nervous system or peripheral nerves involved in the control of micturition (urination). Neurogenic bladder usually causes difficulty or full inability to pass urine without use of a catheter or other method.


    Any condition that impairs bladder and bladder outlet afferent and efferent signaling can cause neurogenic bladder. It is often associated with spinal cord diseases (such as syringomyelia/hydromyelia), injuries like herniated disks, and neural tube defects including spina bifida. It may also be caused by brain tumors and other diseases of the brain, and by peripheral nerve diseases such as: Diabetes, Alcoholism and Vitamin B12 deficiency. It is a common complication of major surgery in the pelvis, such as for removal of sacrococcygeal teratoma and other tumors.


    Catheterization methods range from intermittent catheterization, which involves no surgery or permanently attached appliances, to the creation of a stoma, which bypasses the urethra to empty the bladder directly.

    Intermittent catheterization is the use, several times a day, of straight catheters (which are usually disposable or single-use products) to empty the bladder. This can be done independently by the patient, or with help, in the case that the patient lacks the dexterity to manage the catheter. For patients that are unable to tolerate disposable straight catheters, a Foley catheter allows continuous drainage of urine into a sterile drainage bag that is worn by the patient.

    Other treatments involve creation of a stoma that is continent and readily accepts a catheter. These are known as Mitrofanoff mechanisms. An example of this treatment is the creation of an Indiana pouch. Additionally, a muscarinic agonist like Bethanechol may also be used, particularly in the postpartum or postoperative period. Function of the stoma may be augmented by periodic injections of botulinum toxin to relax one of the two sphincters involved in normal urinationThe effect is longer lasting with botulinum toxin type A than with type BThis use of botulinum toxin is discussed at length in the French medical literature.


    DOOR NO 18-1-90/14/1, YASODA NAGAR, TIRUPATI 517501


    PHONE 08772230236 MOMBILE 919392396012 &9194941030236

    ADHAAR NO 929105786052


    RATION CARD NO WAP1084081A0049


    1. Enugonda Anusha , aged 17 years, BC Cast, 4th ward, ID NO: 546900 sanctioned on July 2009,Rationcard card No WAP1084081A0049, ADAAR NO 751698927945 , MEDICAL CERTIFICATE IDNO 10149850180000069, ISSUED DATE 6/9/2012 ,100% DEAF AND DUMB

    1. Enugonda Prathyusha , aged 15 years, BC Cast, 4th ward, ID NO: 702981 sanctioned on Nov. 2013,Rationcard card No WAP1084081A0049, ADAAR NO 718184502039 , MEDICAL CERTIFICATE IDNO 10149850180000070, ISSUED DATE 6/9/2012 ,100% DEAF AND DUMB

    tropic ulcers

    Tropical ulcer has been described as a disease of the ‘poor and hungry’; it may be that slowly improving socioeconomic conditions and nutrition account for its decline[citation needed]. Urbanization of populations could be another factor, as tropical ulcer is usually a rural problem. More widespread use of shoes and socks also provides protection from initiating trauma[citation needed]. Despite this, susceptible individuals still develop tropical ulcers. Sometimes outbreaks can occur; one was recorded in Tanzania in sugarcane workers cutting the crops while barefoot. Tropical ulcers can also occur to the visitors of tropics. The disease is most common in native laborers and in schoolchildren of the tropics and subtropics during the rainy season and is caused in many instances by the bites of insects, poor hygiene, and pyogenic infections Males are more commonly infected than females.


    Antibiotics: In early stages, penicillin or metronidazole are used in combination with topical antiseptic
    Improved nutrition and vitamins.
    Non-adherent dressings and elevation of limbs.
    Large infected ulcers may require debridement under anesthesia.
    Skin grafting may be helpful in advanced cases to ensure the lesion does not progress to chronic stage.
    In extreme cases, amputation is necessary.
    Diastematomyelia (occasionally diastomyelia) is a congenital disorder in which a part of the spinal cord is split, usually at the level of the upper lumbar vertebra.

    Diastematomyelia is a rare congenital anomaly that results in the “splitting” of the spinal cord in a longitudinal (sagittal) direction. Females are affected much more commonly than males. This condition occurs in the presence of an osseous (bone), cartilaginous or fibrous septum in the central portion of the spinal canal which then produces a complete or incomplete sagittal division of the spinal cord into two hemicords. When the split does not reunite distally to the spur, the condition is referred to as a diplomyelia, or true duplication of the spinal cord.

    Signs and symptoms

    The signs and symptoms of diastematomyelia may appear at any time of life, although the diagnosis is usually made in childhood. Cutaneous lesions (or stigmata), such as a hairy patch, dimple, Hemangioma, subcutaneous mass, Lipoma or Teratoma override the affected area of the spine is found in more than half of cases. Neurological symptoms are nonspecific, indistinguishable from other causes of cord tethering. The symptoms are caused by tissue attachments that limit the movement of the spinal cord within the spinal column. These attachments cause an abnormal stretching of the spinal cord.

    The course of the disorder is progressive. In children, symptoms may include the “stigmata” mentioned above and/or foot and spinal deformities; weakness in the legs; low back pain; scoliosis; and incontinence. In adulthood, the signs and symptoms often include progressive sensory and motor problems and loss of bowel and bladder control. This delayed presentation of symptoms is related to the degree of strain placed on the spinal cord over time. Tethered spinal cord syndrome appears to be the result of improper growth of the neural tube during fetal development, and is closely linked to spina bifida.

    Tethering may also develop after spinal cord injury and scar tissue can block the flow of fluids around the spinal cord. Fluid pressure may cause cysts to form in the spinal cord, a condition called syringomyelia. This can lead to additional loss of movement, feeling or the onset of pain or autonomic symptoms.


    Surgical intervention is warranted in patients who present with new onset neurological signs and symptoms or have a history of progressive neurological manifestations which can be related to this abnormality. The surgical procedure required for the effective treatment of diastematomyelia includes decompression (surgery) of neural elements and removal of bony spur. This may be accomplished with or without resection and repair of the duplicated dural sacs. Resection and repair of the duplicated dural sacs is preferred since the dural abnormality may partly contribute to the “tethering” process responsible for the symptoms of this condition.

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  • Sir i want to start banana fibre extraction unit plz do suggest me my mail I’d

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    the size,age,price of the plant,whether the plants can be despatched at mumbai.

  • I am collecting some biographical-like information regarding the Indian test umpires, and find that the following persons officiated in test matches belonging to Andhra Cricket Association and Hyderabad Cricket Association:
    (Both from Andhra CA)
    1. AYLING, G (from Hyderabad CA).

    I am desirious to know anything regarding these three men. I should also mention that not a single line of information could be made available regarding Mr Ayling, and whether he is still alive or not is also not known. I shall be thankful for any help in this matter. Any information could be intimated to my email id:

  • I regret I have overlooked the name of Mahomed Younus from Hyderabad CA who also umpired in test matches. Information relating to all the four umpires, along with a picture/photograph of them will be of great help. I shall remain thankful for any help in this respect.

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