Sneha Deepti’s world revolves around books. Her room is stacked with a collection of various genres including fiction, mythology, and romance.

Her love for reading inspired her to write a novel ‘Mandaravalli, A Veiled Vigilante’ recently. “The novel is based on fantasy fiction that also has streaks of history.

The story portrays how family values still play a predominant role in the modern world and the importance of upholding dharma against all odds,” says the 18-year-old, a first-year degree student of St. Joseph’s College for Women.

Inspired by her mother V. Sudha Sreenivas, a writer, and father V.V.S. Sreenivas, Chief Vigilance Officer of Dredging Corporation of India Limited, Sneha Deepti says that she aspired to write a book ever since she was a child. “I am also interested in journalism and that’s the reason why I opted for English literature, psychology, journalism and mass communication as my main subjects,” says the young writer.

Although ‘Mandaravalli’ is the writer’s first book, she had tried her hand at poetry writing. “Three years ago, I was able to come up with my collection of poems ‘A Palette of My Poems’. Interestingly, it was released by author Ruskin Bond in Mussoorie,” she explains.


Apart from The Bronte Sisters, Sneha Deepti is fond of Rabindranath Tagore’s literary works. “I draw inspiration from their writing style as well. ‘Mandaravalli’ unfolds chapters of a bold woman who follows the path of dharma and contributes to society, braving all odds. Most importantly, the novel conveys that love can be more spiritual than physical,” says Sneha Deepti, who is equally fond of painting and dancing.

Wins award

Striking a balance between studies and writing, the young writer says that it took only six months to complete her first book. A recipient of Special Achievement

Award for her thought-provoking literary works from Carnatic maestro Mangalampalli Balamuralikrishna, Sneha Deepti says that she intends to spread Indian culture and family bonding through her future works.

The young writer is also fond of painting and dancing

source: / The Hindu / Home> News> Cities> Visakhapatnam / by Rani Devalla / Visakhapatnam – August 28th, 2015