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    A file photo of Deputy Director of The Metropolitan Museum of Art Carrie Barratt and Chief Curator Dr. John Guy with Prof Amareswar Galla at the Amaravathi Museum.

    A file photo of Deputy Director of The Metropolitan Museum of Art Carrie Barratt and Chief Curator Dr. John Guy with Prof Amareswar Galla at the Amaravathi Museum.

    New York museum to hold exhibition on Buddhism

    The historic legacy of Buddhism and the famous Amaravati School of art brought senior personnel from the New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art (‘The Met’) to the Amaravathi Heritage Town (ATH) by the banks of the Krishna river, 35 km north of Guntur. The Met, among the most renowned museums in the world, is planning an exhibition on Buddhism in October 2020. Following the Buddha’s footprints in Sarnath, Bodh Gaya, Jeta Vanam, Nalanda and other places mainly in northern India, its Deputy Director Carrie Barratt and Chief Curator Dr. John Guy spent a day in Amaravathi, with Chief Curator of the ATH and heritage advisor to the Andhra Pradesh government Amareswar Galla.

    Going around the town, Ms. Barratt was particularly taken with the theme of Ma Vooru Ma Kodallu (’Our Town Our Daughters-in-Law’), an initiative mediated by local women to bring together the people of the town. “Working with local women to turn the museum into a community centre for learning and engagement is an incredible thing and very inspiring,” said Ms. Barratt.

    Limor Tomer, General Manager, MetLiveArts, The Met’s performing arts programme, said such collaborations juxtapose art and sculpture with contemporary creativity and bring museum collections alive for diverse and growing audiences.

    Dr. Galla said the significance of Buddhism in Andhra Pradesh is its outstanding universal value. Conservation and heritage tourism must integrate sites such as the ATH, he said.

    source: / The Hindu / Home> National> Andhra Pradesh / by P. Sujatha Varma / Vijayawada – November 21st, 2017

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    November 20th, 2017adminArts, Culture & Entertainment, Education

    Books play key role in creation of a knowledge society, said Krishna district Collector B. Lakshmikantham, on Sunday.

    Addressing a meeting organised by Andhra Pradesh Library Association at Sarvotham Bhavan near Benz Circle as part of 50th National Library Week celebration, Mr. Lakshmikantham said the library movement has great significance in Andhra Pradesh State as people who spearheaded the library movement also were important part of the freedom struggle.

    The Collector said every individual must take to book-reading as books never let down anybody. He said knowledge was essential for all-round development of a society and pointed to the fact that Andhra Pradesh State was in the forefront in implementation of many good people-centric programmes.

    Former MP Chennupati Vidya was honoured with this year’s Gadicherla Foundation Award, named after freedom fighter and champion of library movement Gadicherla Harisarvottama Rao. Sheik Sadiq Ali, a former journalist who is working relentlessly to promote reading habit among children in villages, was presented with the Paturi Nagabhushanam Grandhalayam Puraskaram on the occasion.

    source: / The Hindu / Home> National> Andhra Pradesh / by Special Correspondent / Vijayawada – November 20th, 2017

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    In 2008, the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) classified the rare Fishing Cat as endangered. They mostly in the vicinity of wetlands, along rivers, in swamps, and mangrove forests.

    But as many as 15 Fishing Cats were recorded in the pilot project conducted at the Krishna Wildlife Sanctuary in Andhra Pradesh in 2014-16.

    The sanctuary is a rare eco-region with vast tracts of pristine mangrove forests. It has the potential to become the world’s first reserve of the Fishing Cat.

    source: / The Hindu / Home> Sci-Tech> Environment / November 09th, 2017

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    November 17th, 2017adminArts, Culture & Entertainment, Education
    Students of KKR Gowtham School, who bagged first place in 48-hour challenge, in Vijayawada. | Photo Credit: A_V_G_PRASAD

    Students of KKR Gowtham School, who bagged first place in 48-hour challenge, in Vijayawada. | Photo Credit: A_V_G_PRASAD

    KKR Gowtham School students bag first place in the 48-hr challenge

    The three-day Amaravati Children’s Film Festival (ACFF), the first-ever event in the State, has served as a window of film-making opportunities for the students of various schools in the city.

    About 65 students of 12 schools, who were introduced to basics of film-making as part of the ‘48-hour Challenge,’ on the first day managed to conceptualise and shoot and came up with 13 short films that competed for top three places on the last and concluding day.

    Actors cheer children

    Actors Nikhil, Tarun, Kamna Jethmalani and others cheered the children at the closing ceremony.

    The KKR Gowtham School team including Harsha, Akhilesh, Pawan, Ektha and Divija bagged the first place and ₹20,000 cash prize for their short film Fruit of Hard Work.

    The second place was bagged by Tridev, Akash, Arya, Balu and Praneeth of Nalanda Vidya Niketan (Vasanta Campus) for their movie In Returnand the team of MSR English Medium School including Durga Prasad Krishna Chaitanya, Deva, Keerthi and Sravan bagged the third place for the movie Slip Kavala. The second and third place winners were given a cash prize of ₹10, 000 and ₹5, 000 respectively.

    A team of municipal corporation schools and Nalanda Vidyaniketan, Delhi Public School, Ravindra Bharathi, Vignan School, Viswabharathi, St. John’s Public School, and Sidharatha Public School participated in the challenge.

    Director Aparna Malladi, producer Raj Kandukuri and actor Roja Romani on the jury screened all the 13 movies and selected the best. A team of writers and technicians from Film and Television Institute of India, Pune trained and supported the participants.

    Mayor K. Sridhar, VMC Commissioner J. Nivas, MLA Bonda Umamaheswara Rao were among those present.

    The festival was organised by the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation in association with Safe Advisory, Ellanar Group and Kolla Entertainments.

    source: / The Hindu / Home> News> Cities> Vijayawada / by Staff Reporter / Vijayawada – November 15th, 2017

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    Come November 14 and colourful hot air balloons will dot the sky above the picturesque Araku Valley, the hill station near Vizag, for three days. “Araku Balloon Festival”, an international festival organised by Andhra Pradesh Tourism, is set to pull travel writers, photographers, hot air balloon enthusiasts from across the world to the valley in the mountainous range of the Eastern Ghats.

    To be held till November 16, the festival will lit up the sky throughout the day and night on all the three days and enthusiasts would get to witness balloons of different shapes and sizes adorn the sky in the non-ticketed festival.

    “It’s an international festival so there will be fifteen teams of balloons and their pilots from eleven countries coming in. This is a tourism department initiative and the AP tourism has launched this event to increase tourism in the area. We will also have fifteen hot air balloons flown in for the do,” says Paul, one of the organisers of the festival.

    When prod, Tourism ED Sriramulu Naidu refrained from confirming any details but said that he will make everything public once he receives the information. “So far I have not received the final concept from the organisers. There are a few details that need to be ironed out. Maybe it will reach me in the next few days,” he informed.
    Paul however, states that if they manage to pull off the festival as planned, it will be one of the best balloon fests in the country. “There will be balloons operating during sunrise, and also have other balloons that will operate on a night glow concept in the evening,” he says.

    But what has gotten the youngsters in the city excited are the three special-shaped balloons that will be displayed at the festival. Namely a massive ‘Bee’, a seahorse shaped balloon called ‘Neptuno’ and ‘Iwi the Kiwi’, are expected to pull a large gatherings to the festival.

    Apart from the colourful and dazzling hot air balloons, para-motoring displays, a hare and hound race and others events will also be a part of the festival itinerary to keep festival-goers hooked on all there days.

    source: / The Times of India / News> City News> Visakhapatnam News / Neeshita Nyayapati / TNN / November 03rd, 2017

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    Archaeologist Kadiyala Venkateswara Rao at the labyrinth in Kolimeru village, East Godavari district.

    Archaeologist Kadiyala Venkateswara Rao at the labyrinth in Kolimeru village, East Godavari district.

    It throws light on ancient cult practices, says freelance archaeologist

    A prehistoric painting of a mystic labyrinth has been discovered at a cave on top of a hill near Kolimeru village near Tuni in East Godavari district. The labyrinth, dating back to the Neolithic period, consists of seven circles in red ochre on white pigment painted on a rectangular rock in front of the cave facing the Sun.

    “The discovery of the labyrinth throws light not only on the ancient religious practices of prehistoric civilisations, but also on their knowledge about astronomical signs. Ancient civilisations had worshipped Sun and were able to predict seasons and even natural calamities,’’ freelance archaeologist and former deputy director, Sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh, Kadiyala Venkateswara Rao told The Hindu on Friday.

    Mr. Rao had earlier unearthed a unique Menhir at Karempudi in Guntur district that threw light on the existence of prehistoric civilisations in Guntur district.

    The word labyrinth is an ancient Greek word with Minoan cultural influence and means extremely complicated and therefore difficult to understand.

    The hills, known locally as ‘Bangaruloya,’ and the rock shelter ‘Pandavulavari Gani,’ have mystic folklore. Locals believe that Pandavas lived in this rock shelter during “aranyavasa,’’ and also thought mystic drawings could indicate that huge gold and precious things were hidden in the caves.

    Line drawings

    Mr. Rao, now aged 75 years, located the rock shelter after an arduous trek. The natural rock found at the entrance of the shelter has sacred Neolithic labyrinth motifs painted in red ochre on a white pigment. He also found line drawings of a bull and a deer on either side of the labryinth, though the colour has faded away. It is believed that the rock shelter might be a worshipping place of Neolithic hunter-gatherers.

    “Ancient literature has thrown light on the ways in which priests studied the equinoxes, solstices and movements of Sun and Moon hoping to gain mastery over the elements. Cult priests might have also performed rituals and other ancestral worshipping practices in front of the labyrinth symbol,’’ Mr. Rao added.

    Mr. Rao also discovered a prehistoric cup mark which are also found on other prehistoric sites such as dolmen and menhirs, sacred ritual symbols.

    It is interesting to note that similar labyrinths have been found in Europe and other countries and are common in aboriginal art and usually associated with creative energy. In India, labyrinths have been found at Halibedu in Hoyasleshwara Swamy Temple in Karnataka, and in Goa and Rajastan, where they are worshipped as Manas Chakra, a religious emblem.

    source: / The Hindu / Home> News> Cities> Vijayawada / by P. Samuel Jonathan / Guntur – October 21st, 2017

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    November 8th, 2017adminArts, Culture & Entertainment


    Penned screenplay for over 150 films

    Noted Telugu playwright, script writer and actor M. V. S. Haranatha Rao died of cardiac arrest here on Monday. He was 70. He is survived by his wife, two sons and a daughter.

    The progressive playwright has also carved a niche for himself in the Telugu tinsel world, writing dialogues for over 150 films, including Nandi award winning films like ‘Pratighatana,’ ‘Bharata Nari,’ ‘Anna’ and ‘Ammayi Kapuram.’Drama continued to be his passion though Haranatha Rao entered the cine field through noted film-maker T. Krishna. He has penned screenplay for over 150 films. He has also acted in 20 films and won acclaim for his stellar performance in ‘Rakshasudu’ and ‘Swayamkrushi.’

    The first play he penned was ‘Rakta Bali.’ His latest play ‘Kanya Varasulkam,’ which portrays the assertive modern day Telugu women in the present social milieu, has won the best drama award of the Andhra Pradesh Cultural Affairs Department. Forest Minister Sidda Raghava Rao condoled the death of the playwright.

    Indian People’s Theatre Association State honorary president Nalluri Venkateswarlu, NTR Kala Parishad founder Edara Haribabu and playwright Patibandla Ananda Rao were among those who paid their last respects.

    source: / The Hindu / Home> National> Andhra Pradesh / by Special Correspondent / Ongole – October 10th, 2017

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    Picturesque spot: Kaigal waterfalls was the youngsters’ choice destination in Chittoor district. | Photo Credit: By Arrangement

    Picturesque spot: Kaigal waterfalls was the youngsters’ choice destination in Chittoor district. | Photo Credit: By Arrangement

    Siva temples abuzz with special rituals in connection with Karthika Pournami

    All roads led to Shiva temples across Prakasam district as devotees thronged them to offer special prayers to mark Karthika Pournami on Saturday.

    Over a lakh pilgrims visited Bhairavakona, a protected monument of the Archaeological Survey of India, to witness the grand spectacle of the moon’s reflection on the forehead of the mother goddess Trimukha Durga.

    But the natural satellite played hide and seek in view of the inclement weather and kept the devotees on tenterhooks.

    Tripurantakam, the eastern gateway to Srisailam, was agog with religious activity as devotees lined up to seek the blessings of Lord Tripurantakeswara.

    A heavy rush of pilgrims was witnessed also at the picturesque beaches in the district, including Kothapatnam, Voderavu and Ramayapatnam as the devotees performed ‘samudra snanam’. Devotees in groups made Shivalingams with beach sand and offered prayers to Lord Siva.

    Kaigal Falls

    In Chittoor district, devotees thronged the famous Talakona and Kailasa Kona temples and the Kaigal Falls while the temples at Nagari, Puttur, Mogili, Madanapalle and other pilgrim places wore a festive look, with predawn rituals.

    Many people trekked the Battinayya Konda near Srikalahasti and peformed special puja to Lord Battinayya and lit Karthika Deepam at the hilltop.

    Similarly, the sacred deepam was lit at Anantarayalu Konda and Kartheeka Konda in Pakala mandal. Annabishekam was performed in many temples.

    Siva deeksha

    A large number of devotees took a holy dip in Pathalaganga on Karthika Pournami and had darshan of Sri Mallikarjuna Swamy and Sri Bhramaramba Devi at Srisailam in Kurnool district. Devotees performed Lakshavathula nomu and did Karthika Masa Deeparadhana at Nagulakatta. Many devotees took Siva deeksha and Karthika Vanabhojanam was organised at the Siva Deeksha camps on the way to Pathalaganga.

    Special puja was performed at the Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple at Ahobilam.

    Suprabhatha Seva was performed early in the morning and abhishekam for processional idols of Sri Prahlada Varadaswamy, Sridevi and Bhudevi in the temple mantapam. Maha mangala harathi was given and the presiding deities were taken round on a palanquin.

    A large number of devotees took a holy dip in Panchabugga Koneru in the Sri Omkareswara temple in the Nallamala forest area in Bandi Atmakur mandal in the district.

    Historic temple

    The historic Mallemkondeswara Swamy temple at Brahmanapalli in Gopavaram mandal in Kadapa district would be developed as a tourist centre, Minister for Endowments Pydikondala Manikyala Rao said after worshipping at the temple.

    source: / The Hindu / Home> News> States> Andhra Pradesh / by Andhra Pradesh Bureau / Ongole-Chitoor-Kurnool / November 04th, 2017

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    railway station

    railway station

    Visakhapatnam Railway Station surely knows how to enrich the experience of passengers on their journey and there has been no stone unturned in this regard.

    Visakhapatnam Railway Station surely knows how to enrich the experience of passengers on their journey and there has been no stone unturned in this regard. In one of the first such projects across any railway station in India, Vizag will have an Art Gallery with rare pictures for viewing by passengers. Situated near the main exit gate, the Art Gallery has already been inaugurated by Waltair Division railway manager yesterday.

    One can now see pictures in the art gallery of facts and events from the 1960s and 1970s which have artistic, factual and historic significance. These have been sourced from the National Rail Museum in New Delhi. Further in a statement, the authorities have encouraged local artists to come forward with their individual works to be displayed at the art gallery. Local talent is invited and it will serve as a platform for newbie artists to grab attention. The display will be free of cost to the artist and one can approach the Station Master for further details.

    Highlights –

    • Mahatma Gandhi standing at the door of an old compartment during the times of Salt Satyagraha.
    • Steam engines that used to draw trains earlier.
    • Vintage pictures of Howrah Station.
    • Pictures of train carrying refugees from Pakistan into then India.

    Definitely worth a peek for all of us next time we are making a rail journey, don’t you thinks so?

    source: / Yo!Vizag / Home> News-City Updates

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    Tourist attraction: Detailed Project Report for the INS Viraat project will be ready in a fortnight. | Photo Credit: Rafiq Maqbool

    Tourist attraction: Detailed Project Report for the INS Viraat project will be ready in a fortnight. | Photo Credit: Rafiq Maqbool

    Navy warhorse to be refurbished at Kakinada

    The Detailed Project Report (DPR) for refurbishing INS Viraat will be ready in a fortnight and it will be then submitted to the Union government.

    The Andhra Pradesh government intends to convert the Navy’s warhorse aircraft carrier into a museum and a hotel in the sea, depending on the logistics.

    The ship will be brought to Kakinada for refurbishment as soon as the DPR is approved by the Union government.

    Representatives of Mumbai-based Master and Associates, which is preparing the DPR, are likely to meet Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu in the next couple of days to discuss “some key aspects” of the report.

    In fact, the meeting was put on hold because of Mr. Naidu’s foreign tour.

    Based on the suggestions and inputs by the Chief Minister, preparation of the DPR would be finalised, according to sources in the Secretariat.

    “It would cost between ₹15 crore and ₹20 crore to bring INS Viraat from Mumbai to Kakinada,” the sources said.

    According to the Navy, the ship cannot be dragged onto the land and has to be kept afloat.

    source: / The Hindu / Home> News> National / by G.V.K.Subba Rao / Vijayawada – October 29th, 2017

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