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    August 30th, 2012adminArts, Culture & Entertainment, Leaders

    The state government has accorded an administrative sanction of Rs 20 lakh for restoration of ‘Bammera Pothana Smarakam’ in Bammera village in Palakurthi in Warangal district.

    The Youth Advancement Tourism and Culture Department issued a GO to this effect on Wednesday. It was proposed in the state budget to release Rs 66 lakh for restoration of Bammera Smarakam. Former professor of NIT, Warangal, M Panduranga Rao and retired IAS officer BV Paparao started Kakatiya Heritage Trust and purchased land from the farmers who encroached upon. The land was said to be originally owned and cultivated by Bammera Pothana, who enriched Telugu literature by his invaluable and pure devotional works.

    Pothana was known for his magnum opus Andhra Maha Bhagavatam. Pothanamatyulu was a household name for Telugus. Now, the lovers of Telugu literature can visit his birth place and visit his Samadhi. At present Bammera village has a tomb of the poet, 4.3 acres of agricultural land belonging to Pothana and an agricultural well used by the poet. The Kakatiya Heritage Trust submitted a master plan to the government to develop Bammera memorial. Panduranga Rao told Express that there was a proposal to develop a garden, install a statue of Pothana and make available the literature of Pothana for the visitors.

    source: / by The New Indian Express, Express News Service / Andhra Pradesh, August 30th, 2012

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    August 29th, 2012adminBusiness & Economy

    Rajahmundry (AP), Aug 28 (PTI)

    Loans worth Rs 20 crore have been provided to over 13,000 farmers through various banks in the East Godavari district, its Collector Neetu Prasad said.

    During a meeting with the agriculture officials and bankers regarding loans to loan eligibility card tenant farmers in the district held yesterday, Prasad said so far 13,305 tenant farmers have been provided Rs 19.03 crore worth loans through various banks.

    In all, 65,842 tenants farmers have been provided loan eligibility cards out of which 13,305 farmers received loans. She urged the bankers to provide loans to all loan eligibility card holders in the district

    The agriculture department has already forwarded 10,000 loan applications to various banks, she said adding that the loans will be provided by this week.

    The bankers urged the collector to set up loan recovery teams and urged for stringent action against the defaulters.

    PTI COR GK GK / source: / Home> Wires / PTI / August 28th, 2012

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    August 29th, 2012adminEducation
    Hyderabad, August 28:

    (Siasat News) NTR Health University in conducting Counselling at 10 a.m. on Thursday 30th August at Vijayawada.

    Hakeem syed Ghousuddin has informed that all those candidates who have registered their names for proceedings to Vijayawada should assemble at 9 p.m. on Wednesday 29th August 2012 at Siasat office.

    For details, please contact Mr. Syed Hameeduddin on phone: 9246196858.

    source: / Home> English> Hyderabad–Siasat News / Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

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    August 29th, 2012adminArts, Culture & Entertainment

    Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy today conveyed his wishes to Telugu people all over the world on the eve of ‘Telugu Language Day’.

    The birth anniversary of late Gidugu Ramamurthy, who campaigned for simplifying Telugu, is celebrated as the ‘Telugu Language Day’ (August 29) every year.

    Observing that his government initiated various steps for the promotion of Telugu, an official release quoted Reddy as saying that the ‘4th World Telugu Meet’ will be held in Tirupati in December this year.

    After the Centre recognised Telugu as a classical language, the government is making efforts to set up the Telugu literature centre in Hyderabad, which has hitherto been functioning at Mysore.

    source: / Home> General News / by Press Trust of India / Hyderabad, August 28th, 2012

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    A train emerging out of a tunnel on way to the picturesque Araku Valley in Visakhapatnam district. / Photo: K.R. Deepak / The Hindu

    Two tourist coaches proposed to be attached to Visakhapatnam-Kirandul passenger

    Tourists travelling to Araku by train may soon find the journey more enjoyable and pleasant.

    On a plea made by Union Minister of State for Human Resource Development D. Purandeswari, the Railway Ministry recently asked the Government of Andhra Pradesh to send a proposal on launching a tourist train from Visakhapatnam to Araku.

    As a first step in this direction, two tourist coaches with chair car facility are proposed to be added to the Visakhapatnam — Kirandul passenger during the tourist season commencing Dasara and continuing up to March.

    During the tourist season, all the coaches are generally full with hardly any space to sit.

    The train passes through long tunnels along the hills and valleys, which gives an exhilarating experience to tourists.

    But, passengers fail to enjoy the scenic beauty, as they hardly have space to sit properly in the overcrowded train. Many sit on the upper berth as the doorways and windows are full of ‘peeping passengers’.

    This has been robbing passengers of the most delightful experience year after year.

    “The 1 VK passenger runs with 11 coaches during normal time. But during the tourist season, additional coaches are augmented to meet the extra rush of passengers.

    “The steep gradient, however, allows only a maximum of 14 coaches,” Divisional Railway Manager Anil Kumar told The Hindu on Tuesday. On the proposal to introduce vista dome coaches for the Araku train, he said such coaches had to be specially made and could take time.

    “We are yet to receive any communication on the tourist train or the tourist coaches from the zonal headquarters,” he said.

    Shortage of rakes

    The Visakhapatnam — Sai Nagar Shirdi weekly express and the Visakhapatnam — Chennai weekly express trains, which were proposed to be operated as regular trains in the 2012-13 budget, couldn’t be launched so far due to non-availability of rakes, he said.

    On diversion of through trains via Duvvada, Mr. Anil Kumar agreed with the view that there was no need for diversion as there were sufficient platforms at Visakhapatnam now.

    source: / Home> News> Cities> Visakhapatnam / by B. Madhu Gopal / August 29th, 2012

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    August 26th, 2012adminArts, Culture & Entertainment


    City businessman Sudhir Ram Reddy recollects a time when the Hussain Sagar water was so clear that he would enjoy swimming here everyday. Four decades later, he can barely manage to walk on the lake’s shore without covering his nose. Not just the swimming, he even misses walking around what was once a beautiful, clean lake.

    The stench is now driving away morning walkers who rue that it is becoming worse with each passing day. “I have been jogging every morning around the lake for two years and it is really disheartening because I cannot avoid the stinking smell the lake emits,” said Dayakar Sharma, a software engineer working with Google. Another regular wasn’t too happy with the practice of burning the garbage. “We come here every morning to play cricket . Some parts of the lake are maintained while the other parts are ignored. There’s a garbage dumpster where the refuse is burnt at 8 am everyday ,” said Jeevan Kumar, a Begum Bazaar resident who was seen playing cricket with his friends at the lakeside.

    Activists have been crying foul over the poor upkeep of the lake for the last many years and point out that little is done to protect it. “Less than a year ago, a temple wall was raised on the lake with a lot of mud being dumped in the process. The activities around the lake add on to the plastic dumping all around the shore. We lodged complaints but they fell on deaf ears. All this is happening right under the nose of the Buddha Purnima Project Authorities,” said Jasveen Jairath, convener of SOUL (Save Our Urban Lakes). There are four nalas that are connected to the Hussain Sagar lake carrying both sewage and industrial waste. These nalas (Picket, Balkapur, Kukatpally and Banjara) were used as storm water drain. Of these four, Kukatpally nala brings the most toxic waste.

    Officials say they are now addressing this toxic concern. “Our focus is mainly to divert these nalas. We have almost diverted 80% of the waste. With a funding of Rs 370 crores from the Japanese International Corporation Agency and the state government, the HMDA and the GHMC are working on the improvement of the lake’s condition,” said BLN Reddy, executive engineer, lakes division, HMDA.

    source: / Home> City> Hyderabad / by Pranati Goturi / August 22nd, 2012

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    August 19th, 2012adminBusiness & Economy

    Cultivation of emu birds for eggs, mutton and oil has increased considerably in Nellore district. / The Hindu

    The cultivation of emu birds for their eggs, chicks, mutton and oil has reported a steady increase in different parts of Nellore district, ever since its farming began in 2006.

    Now, the Nellore District Emu Farmers’ Association (NDEFA) has got as many as 25 members, who continue farming emu considering the good returns. The population of emu birds in the district has risen to 3,500 with farmers and traders coming here regularly from Maharashtra, Orissa, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka for its products.

    The attractive part of emu cultivation is that all parts of the bird fetch a price for farmers, which starts at egg stage. An emu egg costs Rs.1,500. The bird lays 15 to 20 eggs once every 18 months throughout its 40-year lifespan.

    NDEFA secretary D. Prabhakar Reddy says that the emu mutton is recommended as healthy food since it has zero cholesterol and high protein and its oil has medicinal values effective even for paralytics. Emu mutton is sold at Rs.350 per kg while a chick above 3 months fetches Rs.5,000.

    An adult emu bird weighs about 40 kg with four to five kg oil likely to be extracted from each bird. The oil has high demand as it has medicinal and therapeutic values.

    At his farm at Ramapuram village in Kodavalur mandal, Mr. Prabhakar Reddy raises nearly 400 emu birds. “The demand is slowly increasing. We are getting enough returns. There is demand now from other States too for all emu products here,” he says.

    A pair of adult emu birds brings the farmers nearly Rs.50,000 in the present market. As cutting facilities are not available, the farmers arrange it themselves to meet the local demand for emu mutton.

    At the farm, an adult emu bird is given one kilo feed everyday. The emu feed consists of a mixture of maize corn, cotton seed, soya and so on.

    source: / Home> News> States> Andhra Pradesh / by G. Ravi Kiran / Nellore,  August 19th, 2012

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    August 18th, 2012adminArts, Culture & Entertainment

    If you want a real experience of night bazaar, head to Old City and indulge in some shopping masti

    The month of Ramzan is coming to an end and the city is gearing up to culminate the month-long fasting period in grand celebrations. While you might have done your mandatory rounds of haleem hopping and midnight biryani sessions this season, the Ramzan experience is incomplete if you haven’t shopped. And no, going to the malls and designer stores does not qualify. If you want to indulge in the real experience, take a trip down to Old City — Charminar to be more specific. Amidst the regular hustle and bustle that’s the trademark of this area, the night market during Ramzan has a character of its own. The crowds are manifold with more shops lining the streets and wares displayed for your convenience.

    For many, shopping here might not exactly be their cup of tea. But think about it this way — when was the last time you let yourself be powered ahead by a sea of humanity? When was the last time you actually bargained for a dozen bangles as cheap as `30? When was the last time you indulged in roadside eateries while filling your shopping bags with bargained items? If the answer to all of these queries and more in the negative, then it’s time to make a trip to the night market while a few days remain.


    They are colourful, cute and blingy. Yes, the bangles here can put the bling-loving hip hop artiste to shame, yet, have a charm of its own. Hyderabad is known for its bangles, with an entire lane dedicated solely to this accessory. So, while on your midnight jaunt, take a walk down the ‘bangle’ road to check out the latest. Put up a good bargain and viola! You’re now the proud owner of some glittering delights.


    This is the perfect place to find jhumkas and other earrings in faux kundan, polki and other designs. There is no sugar coating it here — what you see is what you get. And 50% of the time, what you get here is at par with what’s available at high-end stores. Street vendors, mostly tribal women from Andhra Pradesh, put on sale anklets and waistbands. They are not made of silver, but you might just get lucky if you manage to spot a piece that’s perfectly crafted. From lil colourful clips to hold your hair in place to fancy, shiny clutches — there are chances that you might end up finding something to like.


    This natural perfume derived from botanical sources is a must during Ramzan. At the Charminar market, there are stores selling them by the dozen. Some even claim to have them imported from France, while the others rely on products from the Middle East and India. But no matter where they come from, the fragrance of the ittar is unique and absolutely different from the Diors and Guccis we so willingly sport. From jasmine to rose, lilies to woody notes, pick up a bottle of ittar that you think suits you and wear it on the big day.


    Take a break from your Jimmy Choos and Christian Louboutins. At the night market, there are enough pairs to sustain a whole population for the next two years. The footwear available here might not be something you would want to flaunt with your expensive designer gear, but you might just get lucky and bag a pair of let’s say ‘garden footwear’.

    source: / Home> Life & Style> Travel> Ramzan / by Sarah Salvadorre, TNN / August 18th, 2012

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    Rotary clubs donated 2600 desks to Government schools at a programme in Hyderabad on Tuesday.  / Photo: G. Krishnaswamy / The Hindu

    Asma, a fourth standard student at Centenary High School, Secunderabad was all smiles as she looked at the brand new benches on the school ground. She does not have to sit on those decades-old rickety benches anymore and strain her back to write.

    Thanks to the efforts of Rotary Club of East, West and 22 other clubs, students of 59 government schools in the capital and other districts would now sport similar smiles, as 2,600 benches were distributed to the schools for free.

    This initiative was taken up under the Right to Learn – Literacy programme of Rotary International. The target was to ensure that no student in government schools in the State would sit on the floor and attend classes, said Ravi Vadlamani, chairman of Total Literacy Mission of Rotary International. The programme to distribute one lakh benches was launched last year. Already 70,000 benches were distributed to different schools across the State, claimed Mr. Vadlamani.

    As part of the campaign, similar initiative would be launched next year to distribute another 10,000 benches to government schools in the State. Further, efforts were being made to attempt a Guinness Record by distributing 10,000 benches to 218 schools in Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy districts at a special programme in Hitec city on November 23, he said. R.S. Praveen Kumar, Secretary – AP Social Welfare Residential Schools said there were over 300 social welfare schools in the State. About 1.5 lakh children study in these schools and most sit on the floor in classes. It is a major challenge and initiatives like this would benefit the students a lot, said Mr. Kumar.

    The Rotary Foundation Trustee, Ashok Mahajan, Rotary International District 3150 District Governor T.V.R Murti and others also spoke on the occasion.

    source: / Home> News> Cities> Hyderabad / by Staff  Reporter / August, 15th, 2012

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    The Indian Navy is well on its way to be a potent world class force, with 46 ships and submarines to be added in its fleet, Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief,  Eastern Naval Command Vice-Admiral Anil Chopra today said.

    Addressing the naval officers and civilians after unfurling the national flag on the 66th Independence Day today, Vice Admiral Chopra said even as the year gone by saw the Eastern Naval Command add stealth frigates, nuclear powered submarine and unmanned aerial vehicle squadron to its arsenal, now it has planned to include 46 more ships and submarines and a large number of aviation assets.

    In the near future, the Command will be home to additional strategic platforms, anti-submarine corvettes, P8i long range maritime reconnaissance aircraft, MiG 29K  fighter jets and advanced jet trainers, he said.

    The Command has remained in the forefront with the Eastern Fleet leaving footprints all across the Indian Ocean region – from the Gulf of Aden to the West Pacific.

    On the occasion, he urged all present to stand up to the security challenges faced by the nation.

    A ceremonial parade was held at the Eastern Naval Command parade ground where Vice Admiral Chopra took the salute.

    source: / Home> News> Politics/Nation / August 15th, 2012

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