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    The photograph of Uppalapadu Pelican Pond that won a prize for the theme “conservation of biodiversity”. / Special Arrangement / The Hindu

    Many may call it beginner’s luck, but for Anasuya Paladugu it was a bolt from the blue. Being an amateur photographer, she never, even in her wildest dreams thought that she would win a prize in a State level photography competition on biodiversity. The contest was conducted on the sidelines of the World Biodiversity Convention held in Hyderabad.

    For her, a doctor of medicine, photography is one of the few passionate hobbies she has. “Live and let live” is the caption of a colour photograph of various water birds preening their feathers on the iron stands erected by Forest Department in Uppalapadu sanctuary.

    Consolation prize

    Dr. Anasuya won a consolation prize in the category “Conservation of Biodiversity” piping several professionals who sent in their entries. Her entry was the best as the organisers chose not to award any of the top three prizes as none came close to the theme. But, the picture and caption submitted by Dr. Anasuya cannot be more appropriate to the category for all who know the story of Uppalapadu. Water birds including the gray pelicans that had vanished for a period from the Kolleru Lake flocked to one of the five drinking water tanks of the village.

    Environmentalists, who knew the importance of these birds, prevailed upon the villagers to sacrifice one of the smaller water tanks for the avian flora.

    In a couple of years Uppalapadu will become a very ‘important birding area’ with thousands of water birds coming and roosting there in different seasons. The spot is a unique birding area in the world, considering the high density of birds that are seen there.

    Dr. Anasuya is now an inspiration to women who are interested in photography. “Photography improves your eye for detail.

    Now I see things that I used to never notice before I began photography,” she said and added “I have learnt the photography is not just taking pictures of things you find beautiful or like. It is also about telling a story,” she said.

    Though she is an amateur photographer she is thanks some freelance news photographers for their guidance in selecting and presenting photographs for the competition.

    source: / Home> News> Cities> Vijayawada / by G. Venkataramana / October 13th, 2012

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    Adaab Hyderabad, a book by Deccan Chronicle’s cartoon editor Sheik Subhani, was released at the cartoon festival in the city on Sunday.

    The book which has cartoons, caricatures and sketches depicting the history, culture, monuments, people and the Dakhni language of Hyderabad has been written and illustrated by Mr Subhani.

    The book was released by V.G. Narendra of the Indian Institute of Cartoonists, Bengaluru, former IAS officer Dr K.V. Ramana Chary, and senior cartoonist Jayadev from Chennai.

    Narendra Luther, in his foreword to the book, writes that Subhani’s art has matured in Hyderabad, which is considered the humour capital of India. The local lingo Dakhni, by itself, is a device of humour for outsiders and films have exploited it for that reason.

    The book is a mix of history and caricatures of the founder of Hyderabad, his beloved Bhagmati, and the seven Nizams. Subhani also gives life to the amusing rock structure of Hyderabad in his book. There are free-hand sketches of famous monuments like the Charminar from different angles, the Mecca Masjid, the Chowmahalla Palace and the Qutubshahi tombs.

    Subhani’s satire on traffic violations in the city like where a trader tells the heavily loaded auto driver Udar nakko police wala dal le ta, is tickling. Traffic mein attak gaya, Boss, Hallu Hallu, Subeh subeh dimagh kharab are some of the punchlines in the local Dakhni language used in the cartoons.

    From Hitec City to St Mary’s Church in Secunderabad, his cartoons touch on all aspects of the Hyderabadi life.

    Subhani won the Yudhvir Award in 2010 for his contribution to cartoon journalism.

    source: / Home> Channels> Cities> Hyderabad / October 29th, 2012

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    October 30th, 2012adminUncategorized
    Hyderabad, October 30:

    Under the stewardship of Dr. Waseya Naveed, Principal and under the supervision of Dr. Mohammed Hamidullah Khan, Asst. Professor, Dr. Arshiya Parveen, P.G. Scholar of the Department of Medicine of this college is treating the patients suffering from Urinary Tract Infections.

    All those patients who have the symptoms of this ailment may contact her between 9 a.m. and 12 noon, at the out-patient Department of the hospital on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in Room No.3. They should register themselves along with previous reports.

    After examining the patients, Unani medicines would be supplied free of cost.

    source: / Home> Hyderabad / by Siasat News / Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

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    October 30th, 2012adminArts, Culture & Entertainment, Leaders

    Telugu superstar turned politician K Chiranjeevi, who acted in about 150 movies spanning three decades, was October 29 made minister of state with independent charge in the Manmohan Singh government.

    Chiranjeevi’s induction is expected to give a boost to the Congress prospects in the Andhra Pradesh where the party is facing a tough challenge from the Jagan Mohan Reddy led breakaway YSR Congress.

    Chiranjeevi, who belongs to coastal Andhra Pradesh, had joined the Congress along with 18 MLAs

    Chiranjeevi, who belongs to coastal Andhra Pradesh, had joined the Congress along with 18 MLAs.

    His political journey started in August 2008 when he began his own political party in his native state of Hyderabad after working for 30 years as an actor in about 150 movies.

    He named his party Praja Rajyam and, in the 2009 general elections, it won 18 seats in Andhra Pradesh state assembly and Chiranjeevi himself won his maiden election from Tirupati Assembly constituency.

    A commerce graduate, the 57-year-old’s first screen appearance was with in the 1978 movie ‘Pranam Khareedu’. Born as Konidala Siva Sankara Vara Prasad to Venkat Rao and Anjani Devi August 22, 1955 to in Mogalthur, which is near Narsapur, he took the screen name of Chiranjeevi on the advice of his mother.

    The Padma Bhushan awardee’s first movie assignment after completing his stint at the Madras Film Institute was ‘Punadhirallu’, but his first release was ‘Pranam Khareedu’. In over three decade long career he has given dozen of hits and has won several honours including 10 Filmfare Awards South, which is said to be the maximum by any Telugu actor and he also won National Award for Best Feature Film on National Integration for his production venture ‘Rudraveena’ (1988).

    In 1980, he married actress Surekha and they have three children – son Ramcharan Teja, who is also an actor, and two daughters – Susmita and Sirija.

    source: / Home> Telugu News / by IANS / October 29th, 2012

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    Rules with regard to use of official language not being followed, Mandali says

    A lot of important decisions will be taken about the steps needed to protect and develop Telugu language at the fourth World Telugu Conference to be held in Tirupati at the end of December, new A.P. Official Language Commission Chairman Mandali Buddha Prasad has said.

    Addressing a gathering at a function organised to felicitate him here on Monday, Mr Buddha Prasad said according to the rules all the dealings, transactions, and communications of the State government should be in Telugu, the Official language of the state, but that was not happening.

    “The release of by appointment order in Telugu was seen with great amusement by all,” he said.

    Comparing Andhra Pradesh with neighbouring Tamil Nadu Mr Buddha Prasad said people often advised him against wasting his time for Telugu language programmes.

    Some even went to the extent of telling him that he lost by 250 votes in the Assembly elections because he wasted his time. But in Tamil Nadu the people voted for political leaders who openly displayed their love for Tamil.

    The then Chief Minister Karunanidhi asked the Central government to accord Tamil the Classical language status instead of funds and projects.

    That was the kind of love that was needed, he said. He said unless a language spoken by a people was kept alive, their culture and their way of life would disappear.

    He said the Telugus of Mauritius were doing a wonderful job with regard to preserving Telugu language and culture.

    The “Who is Who” of Krishna district and Vijayawada attended the function. Secondary Education Minister K Parthasarathi, former Minister Devineni Rajasekhar, Vijayawada Central MLA Malladi Vishnu, MLCs Ilapuram Venkiah and Chigurupati Varaprasad, ‘Vishalandhra’ daily editor Edupuganti Nageswara Rao, Siddharth Academy president S.Vishnuvardhana Rao, Andhra Chamber of Commerce former president M. Rajaiah, Karanataka State Telugu Vignana Samithi and former TTD Board member A Radhakrishna Raju, Acharya Nagarjuna University Vice-Chancellor K. Viyyanna Rao, CPI leader Kolli Nageswara Rao, former Krishna University vice-chancellor K Durga Prasad, Sunflower Engineering College chairman M.D.V.S.R. Punnam Raju were among those who spoke.PCC secretary Kolanukonda Sivaji, Krishna district Writer’s Association general secretary G.V.Purnachand and Andhra Arts Academy president G.Narayana Rao officiated over the function.

    Pinnamaneni Siddhartha Medical College chief Chadalawada Nageswara Rao, former Loyola College lecturer M.C. Das and several other prominent citizens were invited to seat on the dais.

  • Unless a language spoken by people is kept alive, their culture, way of life will disappear, he says
  • Telugus of Mauritius are doing a wonderful job with regard to preserving language and culture
  • ______________________________________________
  • source: / Home> National> Andhra Pradesh / by Special Correspondent / Vijayawada, October 30th, 2012

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    Apart from Komuram Bheem, statues of another four personalities from Telangana region may come up on Tank Bund soon.

    Recently, the department of culture sent proposals to install statues of Chakali AiIlamma (Chityala Ailamma), Doddi Komaraiah, Shaik Bandagi Saheb Rahmatullah and journalist Shoebullah Khan.

    Chakali Ailamma had revolted against feudal lords to save her four-acre land when they tried to occupy it. She became an inspiration for many during the Vetti Chakiri Udyamam against feudal lords of the Telangana region. Doddi Komaraiah, a landless agricultural worker, died fighting in the rebellion against the landed gentry in Warangal district.

    Shaik Bandagi Saheb Rahmatullah, a revolutionary leader, had fought against Razakars. Journalist  Shoebullah Khan, who had set up his own paper ‘Imroze’ (a spark of fire) and won people’s hearts by waging a relentless battle against the Razakars, was brutally murdered.

    “Though we did not receive any representations either from individuals or civil societies, based on articles in the media, a proposal and clippings have been sent to the youth advancement, tourism and culture (YAT&C) department, a few days ago to install the statues on Tank Bund,” department of culture director,  Kavitha Prasad told TOI.

    The government has already permitted the installation of the statue of tribal leader Komuram Bheem Chief minister  N  Kiran Kumar Reddy may unveil Komuram Bheem’s statue on the occasion of his death anniversary on October 29.

    Meanwhile, the department of culture is making efforts to unveil 12 reinstalled statues on November 1 on the occasion of the AP Formation Day. “Of the 12 statues, we have reinstalled the 10 statues of Krishnadevaraya, Tripuraneni Ramaswamy Chaudary, Kandukuri Veeresalingam Pantulu, Mutnuri Krishna Rao, Raghupathi Venkataratnam Naidu, Bellary Raghava, Gurajada Apparao, Annamaya, Annamayya, Sir Arthur Cotton and Erra Pragada on their respective pedestals. Statues of Brahma Nayudu and Siddhendra Yogi will be in place in a couple of days,” the official said.

    Also, 10 other statues, which suffered minor damages during the Million March in 2011, were also being repaired. “By October 30, all statues will be ready for unveiling. However, the government is yet to take a decision whether to unveil them on November 1 or not,” the director said.

    The  Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has taken up remodeling of the 2.06 km walkway in front of the statues by spending Rs 1.05 crore.

    source: / Home> City> Hyderabad / by Sunil Mungara, TNN / October 26th, 2012

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    Festive fervour gripped the city on Tuesday as denizens thronged marketplaces to purchase various items required for puja on Dasara. Shop owners at major market areas in the city including Begum Bazaar and Monda market reported sales increasing to three times the normal figures.

    This year, lanes and bylanes in many localities and even city arterial roads had vendors selling marigolds, the piles of yellow and orange flowers setting the perfect festive mood for the season. The lanes of Begum Bazaar and Monda market were buzzing with activity all through Tuesday.

    At least 500 vendors selling flowers and other puja items lined the streets of Monda market on both sides while the narrow lanes of Begum Bazaar were crowded to the brim. Y Rajashekhar, a shop owner at Monda market said, “Sales on the day before Dasara are three times more than the average sales on a regular day. From Monday itself the crowds started increasing and by Tuesday night, around 10,000 people would have visited the market.” Fruit vendors too reported sales going up by no less than 100% on Tuesday. Smaller markets in localities across the city too were busy through the day, allowing denizens to purchase the necessary items from nearby, saving them a trip to the bigger markets.

    Textile and readymade garment traders said that sales during this time were double the sales on other days with business this year being at least 20% more than Dasara last year. The festive boom was evident at sweet shops in the city with denizens purchasing sweets in bulk for distribution.  M Nagarjuna of  Almond House said, “Sales have gone up by at least 10% this season and the special festive gift box with an assortment of 12 varieties of sweets is the fastest moving item. Apart from over the counter sales, many companies have also placed bulk orders for distributing them among employees.”

    At Dadu’s Mithai Vatika sales have nearly doubled as vendors said that around five tonnes of sweets were already sold in the past few days’ adding that sales were up by 20% when compared to last year. With Ayudha Puja falling on Tuesday, vehicles on streets were decorated with flowers.

    On Dasara, denizens worship goddess Durga and spend the day visiting temples and with family while feasting on traditional delicacies.

    source: / Home> City> Hyderabad / TNN / October 24th, 2012

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    October 24th, 2012adminBusiness & Economy, Science & Technology

    “Medical Detailing, Force Effectiveness and Automation will be the key in exploiting the expanding pharmaceutical market in Sri Lanka, said K. ShivKumar, Managing Director, Eisai Pharmaceuticals India.

    Developing excellent Medical Detailing Force, Effectiveness and Automation strategies will help in identifying the right customers by answering key questions like – which markets, which target audience, why and how, how often and with the right message.

    Alembic Pharmaceuticals, Supply Chain International Business, Vice President Himanshu Saxena said, “Supply chain and distribution is the most important aspect of the pharmaceutical business to ensure that drugs are delivered to the end patient quickly and in a safe condition”.

    Local pharma industry should implement convenient and implementable technologies designed to manage the supply chain to efficiently maintain adequate stocks and meet ever-changing demand cycles. This would help reduce the pressure on the overall pharma business and ensure that sales are not affected”.

    “Even if the manufacturing and production of drugs is done using GMP norms, the products remain unfit for consumption if the safety of the drugs is compromised en route to the end patient.

    Also, since pharmaceutical organisations in Sri Lanka are custodians of the products, it is imperative that they ensure an efficient distribution network so that patients can consume quality drugs in time.

    Emerging countries like Sri Lanka can draw learnings from new and innovative strategies adopted by countries like India who have passed this stage despite dealing with similar infrastructure challenges.”

    According to Sri Lanka Export Development Board sources Sri Lanka is expected to increase the value of the local pharmaceutical manufacture market share from Rs 4 billion to Rs 18 billion within another 4-5 years time.

    source: / Daily News, Sri Lanka / by Indunil Hewage / Wednesday, October 23rd, 2012

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    October 23rd, 2012adminRecords, All, Sports

    Saina Nehwal took just 35 minutes to add the Denmark Open to her growing list of titles, as she won her first tournament after the London Olympics.

    Her bronze at the quadrennial mega event was preceded by two back-to-back titles and the world No 4 Indian looks in no mood to take it easy even after a two-month break

    On Sunday, she defeated world No 7 Juliane Schenk of Germany 21-17, 21-8, though the win came after a physically demanding match in Odense.

    Fresh again
    “There were a lot of things which I did after the Olympics which made me fresh but every tournament is tough,” said Saina. “My right knee was not in perfect shape but I thank god for giving me the energy to win the title.”

    Saina’s brisk start was countered by the German, who equalised at 12-12.

    Energy-sapping rallies saw the two players use deception, power, pace and skill to unnerve the other. Schenk has a reputation of being a fighter, and Saina had to dig deep to find ways of docking points off her.

    Saina Nehwal poses with the trophy after her victory against Juliane Schenk of Germany during their women’s singles final match at the Danish Open badminton championship in Odense, Denmark. AFP Photo

    Superior play
    Saina won the game 21-17, but in the second, Schenk unleashed her powerful smashes. Saina did lose a few points initially, but matched the German in power to compensate for them. She raced ahead to a comfortable 17-8 lead – a gap too large for Schenk to bridge.

    After her shots found the net thrice to bring the Indian on match point, Schenk did something quite uncharacteristic.

    She did not attempt to return Saina’s serve, finally giving in to the third-seeded Indian’s blitzkrieg.

    The tournament featured nine out of the world’s top 10 women shuttlers but the Chinese players suffered shock defeats, with Schenk and Saina taking out the last two in the semis.

    Saina did not drop a game in this event and the title is all the more special as her nemesis, Wang Yihan of China, whom she had never beaten before, retired during their match.

    The Hyderabadi will now participate in the French Open Super Series in Paris next week, where she has been given the top billing.

    source: / Home> Sport> Other Sport / by HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times / New Delhi, October 21st, 2012

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    October 23rd, 2012adminSports

    VVS Laxman, who announced his retirement from International Cricket ahead of the New Zealand Test Series, has been named as the Captain of the Hyderabad Team for the upcoming Ranji Trophy season. The presence of the 37-year-old Laxman will be a huge boost to the otherwise vulnerable Hyderabad batting line-up. Hyderabad was placed in the plate league last season and pulled off some good performances.

    Hyderabad is currently in Group A and its opening match is against Punjab at Mohali from the 2nd of next month. The 15-man squad announced is for this opening game only. It will be interesting to see if VVS Laxman could go onto play the entire season for Hyderabad and it’s quite possible as he doesn’t have any other cricketing commitments. DB Ravi Teja has been named as Laxman’s deputy.

    The Coach of Hyderabad is former India and Karnataka left-arm spinner Sunil Joshi while the fielding Coach is former India and Hyderabad player Noel David.

    Hyderabad Squad: VVS Laxman (Captain),DB Ravi Teja (Vice-Captain), Akshath Reddy, Hanuma Vihari, Arjun Yadav, Syed Ahmed Quadri, Bavanaka Sandeep, Ibrahim Khaleel (Wicket Keeper), Pragyan Ojha, Ashish Reddy, Mohammed Khader, Anwar Ahmed, PKK Naidu, Abhinav Kumar (Wicket Keeper) and Vishal Sharma.

    source: Home / by BV Swagath / October 22nd, 2012

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