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    April 30th, 2013adminBusiness & Economy


    Mahindra First Choice Services Ltd.(MFCS), India’s popular multi-brand car workshop company, recently launched its Nellore workshop today. The facility is spread over 18,000 sq. ft with 15 bays and a monthly capacity of servicing 900+ cars of various brands. It was inaugurated by Mr. YVS Vijay Kumar, CEO,  Mahindra  First Choice Services.

    Mr. YVS Vijay Kumar said “Nellore is one of the fastest growing places in Andhra Pradesh and we are delighted to be a part of this growth story. This expansion shows our commitment to the car owners in AP. This launch follows from the overwhelming response we received at our other two workshops in Hyderabad. Soon, we are going to add our third facility in Hyderabad.”

    “We believe that the existing car workshops are unable to keep pace with the growing servicing needs of car owners in Nellore. This gap presented us with the opportunity to begin our operations here. Being a leading player in the multi-brand car workshop business in India, we are constantly endeavouring to provide customers with services which will offer them greater value and convenience. This workshop will function as a one-stop-shop for any brand of car which needs to be serviced or repaired. This is part of our strategy to address the after-market requirements of the entire category of car owners, irrespective of the brand that they own.” added Mr. Vijay Kumar.

    MFCS offers skilled technicians, quality spare parts, state-of-the art equipment, free pick up & drop facility all geared to give a world class car servicing experience for any brand of car.

    source: / Motoroid / Home> News / by Yattarth Singh Chauhan / April 24th, 2013

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    April 30th, 2013adminBusiness & Economy, World Opinion
    New initiatives: Greg Ballard, Mayor of the City of Indianapolis at the CII interactive session in Hyderabad on Tuesday. Suresh Chitturi (left), Vice-Chairman and B. Ashok Reddy, Chairman of CII- Andhra Pradesh are also seen. — P.V. Sivakumar / Business Line

    New initiatives: Greg Ballard, Mayor of the City of Indianapolis at the CII interactive session in Hyderabad on Tuesday. Suresh Chitturi (left), Vice-Chairman and B. Ashok Reddy, Chairman of CII- Andhra Pradesh are also seen. — P.V. Sivakumar / Business Line

    Hyderabad :

    The US city of Indianapolis has called upon Indian companies in the information technology and pharmaceuticals business to consider setting up their bases offering support.

    A high-powered business delegation headed by Greg Ballard, Mayor of City of Indianapolis, capital city of the US State of Indiana, today interacted with industrialists at an event hosted by the Confederation of Indian Industry, Andhra Pradesh.

    Sharing the initiatives taken by Indianapolis, the Mayor said they have accorded priority for power generation through renewable energy sources. “We have huge wind farms and now solar photovoltaic units are being set up. There is potential for sharing knowhow for their implementation,” he said.

    Raju Chinthala, President, Indianapolis Hyderabad Sister Committee, said Hyderabad was chosen for association amidst competition from Bangalore and Pune. There is a strong local community and more than 10,000 Indian families live there. This provides opportunities for collaboration.

    “We are looking at student exchange programmes where those pursuing higher studies can come to Hyderabad for few weeks and train here. Likewise Indian students could experience the same in Indianapolis. This could cover higher education areas and even school children,” he said.

    Traditionally, businesses tend to pick up some cities in the US and miss out on others with similar or even better opportunities. It is therefore, right time to consider Indianapolis. Indianapolis is strong in agriculture sector and is home for Dow Agro Sciences and Purdue Research, he said.

    So far, two IT firms from Indianapolis have set up bases in Hyderabad. There is potential to share knowledge on agriculture practices and learning from research in Agriculture University here and Purdue. Hyderabad and Indianapolis have interesting similarities. Like outer ring road in Hyderabad, it has 465, a road network connecting airport, Raju said.

    source: / Business Line / Home> News> National /  by The Hindu  Bureau  / Hyderabad – April 16th, 2013

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    Sania Mirza also made an appearance at the award ceremony. / Yogen Shah

    Sania Mirza also made an appearance at the award ceremony. /
    Yogen Shah

    Sania Mirza, Malaika Arora, Jacqueline Fernandez, Payal Rohatgi, Saroj Khan, Kapil Sharma, Hrishita Bhatt and Divya Dutta were spotted at the Women’s Prerna Awards 2013 in Mumbai.

    • The Prerna Awards 2013 honoured women who have battled odds to achieve success in their lives.
      Yogen Shah

    source: / IBN  / Home> Movies> Photos / Yogen Shah / April 10th, 2013

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    Hyderabad :

    Nasscom, which recently launched its ‘10,000 start-ups’ programme, Wednesday announced inviting applications from innovative technology start-ups across the country.

    The association has already received over 1,000 applications from budding start-ups since the launch of the programme and is expected to receive 5,000 applications in the next eight weeks.

    Nasscom President Som Mittal told reporters that applicants should log on to start-up portal

    Nasscom will shortlist 500 entrepreneurs who will be eligible for funding of Rs.25 lakh to Rs.2 crore through the leading angel investor networks of the country.

    Selected start-ups will be offered three to four months of incubation along with co-working space at affordable cost.

    Under the programme, for which Google, Microsoft and others have partnered with Nasscom, 10,000 technology start-ups will be funded in 10 years.

    “We expect 15 of these start-ups will be billion dollar companies,” he said.

    The programme is expected to increase start-up funding by 10 times, seed funding by 20 times and start-up jobs by five times. Nasscom expects over 500,000 jobs will be created at the start-up level itself.

    The selected start-ups will be provided with a start-up kit worth Rs.10 lakh comprising free business tools from Microsoft, AWS and Google.

    Nasscom Wednesday signed MoUs with Hyderabad Angels as funding partner and with The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) and IIIT Hyderabad as incubators to collaborate and support the creation of an ecosystem to foster technology entrepreneurship.

    “We have to create an environment where that early stage funding comes in,” Mittal said, adding that such early stage funding by professionals is lacking in the country.

    Andhra Pradesh has been identified as an important start-up hub.

    The number of start-ups in India has risen from 162 in 2006 to 450 in 2012.

    Stating that massive markets erre emerging for start-ups in India, he said that Internet users were expected to rise to 650 million by 2025 while wireless users are likely to reach one billion.

    Global opportunities are $17 billion in big data and $50 billion in enterprise mobility by 2015 and $50 billion in enterprise SAAS by 2025.

    source: / Home> India News / by IANS / April 10th, 2013

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    The State Tourism Department is organising a week-long Hyderabad Heritage Festival from April 12 to 18 coinciding with the World Heritage Day and UNWTO conference which will be held from April 12 to 14 in the city.

    Speaking to reporters here on Wednesday, Tourism special chief secretary Chandana Khan said the festival venues would be Golkonda Fort, Quli Qutb Shah Tombs, Taramati Baradari, Chowmahalla Palace, Moulai (Mahalaquavas), Shilparamam, NITHIM and Jhamsing temple heritage complex.

    The activities planned include discussions on heritage issues at the Salarjung Museum and Chowmahalla Palace. Special heritage walks, rock walks, illumination of selected heritage monuments, daily cultural programmes at different venues between 7 pm and 10 pm involving maximum number of artists and citizens will also be undertaken.

    All the hoteliers were requested to organise special food festivals. Quiz competitions will also be conducted for students.  Chandana Khan said the heritage festival would not be confined to architectural heritage, but would also be extended to natural heritages.

    source: / The New Indian Express / Home> Cities> Hyderabad / by Express News Service – Hyderabad / April 11th, 2013

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    About two lakh Telugus living in Kuwait have beaten eight crore Telugus in the State in demonstrating their love and respect for their mother tongue.

    A popular shopping area in Kuwait frequented by Telugu people prominently displays name boards in Telugu in front of shops and commercial establishments. A feat yet to be accomplished in the State despite the Andhra Pradesh Shops and Establishments Act, 1988, making it mandatory for display of name boards in Telugu, says Official Language Commission Chairman Mandali Buddha Prasad.

    Mr. Prasad, who was in Kuwait recently to participate in the Ugadi celebrations, was pleasantly surprised to see the signboards and name boards displayed in Telugu in an alien nation.

    “There is no rule or Act in Kuwait to enforce use of Telugu language for the benefit of migrants, but the love of Telugu people for their language did it,” said Mr. Prasad speaking to The Hindu here on Wednesday.

    Hyderabad, followed by Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada and Tirupati, are among the cities and towns in the State which do not give Telugu its due in public places, he says. Its time people respected their own language voluntarily by displaying name boards in Telugu prominently for the benefit of the majority of people who speak and read Telugu, he said. No one would oppose English or even Urdu name boards in Old City, but not at the cost of Telugu, he added.

    The Labour Department had already served notices on shops and commercial establishments which failed to display name boards in Telugu, and Ugadi was set as the deadline.

    Over 1.5 lakh establishments complied with the law and action would be initiated against 9,036 MNCs which ignored the Act, said Labour Commissioner Ramanjaneyulu. Every small shop and establishment with 10 employees should display Telugu name board as per the Act and the department would ensure total compliance by August 15, he asserted.

    Official Language Commission Chairman Mandali Buddha Prasad finds shopping area in Kuwait frequented by Telugu people prominently displaying name boards that language on shops, something which is yet to be accomplished in the State.

    source: /  The Hindu / Home> National> Andhra Pradesh / by Special Correspondent / Hyderabad, April 11th, 2013


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    At a distance of 100 km from the coastal city of Visakhapatnam, lie the magnificent, million-year-old Borra Caves in the Araku valley of Ananthagiri hills in the Eastern Ghats.

    Measuring up to 100 m across and a height of 75 m at the entrance, they are among the largest and deepest caves in India, stretching some 200 m into the gentle, sloping hills.

    Discovered in 1807 by a British geologist, William King, these natural caves were supposedly formed by the pressure exerted by the Gosthani river on the hills. The river now flows through the caves.

    I visited Borra caves in the humid month of May and so, thankfully, the place was not swarming with tourists.

    You enter the caves through an arched entrance. Numerous man-made steps have been carved into the rocky terrain, an amateur trekker’s delight. A musty smell persists in the cool, dark interior.

    The damp floor makes me take cautious, measured steps for fear of slipping but once I begin to observe the various structures that adorn the cave, all thoughts of caution are lost, and I am like an excited child. I can hardly restrain myself as I wonder about the secrets the cave holds. Then a saner thought reminds me that these caves may have hardly any secrets left for they have been explored scores of times in the past decades.

    As if answering my thoughts, bright mercury and halogen lamps, strategically placed to illumine the interiors, catch my eye. Man has decided to ‘monetise’ these caves and draw a larger number of tourists.

    Elongated pointy structures jut out from the roof and also grow upwards from floor of the cave. These are called stalactites and stalagmites respectively, as I learn from my guide. Water has dissolved limestone over the years, resulting in the formation of these structures everywhere. Some of these limestone deposits have developed into interesting structures. A stalagmite that resembles a Shiva lingam has attained religious significance and a small temple has been built around it.

    The cave is interspersed with sections of ankle-deep water, which is the Gosthani river. I find tiny film-like structures floating in the water, microbes of some sort. There are moss and algae in the cave.A sudden screech fills the air and I notice that a large number of bats line the high dark roof of the cave. The smell of dirt and decay is overpowering.As I walk further into the cave, a chilly draught envelopes me. The temperature is about 16 degrees Celsius, a welcome change from the hot world outside.

    Soon, we reach a dead end of sorts. A small, narrow passageway seems to lead beyond, but once I walk through it, I am back at the place where I started. I realise that I have walked in circles and laugh out loud at my stupidity. An echo resonates and I quickly stifle my laughter. Now I realise why my guide had been talking in a low voice all along.

    After stepping outside, I walk around the cave and enjoy the view of the verdant landscape. I am at peace with nature.

    (Deepika did an MBA from SSN Institutions, Chennai, then worked as a content writer, before joining ACJ.)

    source: / Business Line / Home / by Deepika Muralidharan

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    An all-women Vodafone Angel Store opened for business in Hyderabad on Tuesday. -- P. V..Sivakumar / The Hindu

    An all-women Vodafone Angel Store opened for business in Hyderabad on Tuesday. — P. V..Sivakumar / The Hindu

    Hyderabad : 

    Vodafone India launched its first store run and managed entirely by women employees in Andhra Pradesh in Hyderabad today.

    This is the 13th such store of the company and operates under the brand name ‘Vodafone Angel Store’.

    “We have launched this concept as part of our commitment to women empowerment. We are opening one store in each State and will subsequently expand the network,” Mandeep Singh Bhatia, Business Head-Andhra Pradesh, said.

    Right from security to management-level personnel, these stores have all-women staff. Women employees constitute about 13 per cent of the company’s total staff.

    Bhatia said its current subscriber base in the State was about six million. “We have achieved about 75 per cent coverage across the State through 8,300 towers,” he said adding that it did not have immediate plans to expand its tower network.

    source: / Business Line / Home> News> National / by The Hindu Bureau /  Hyderabad, April 09th, 2013

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    April 26th, 2013adminBusiness & Economy, World Opinion

    Beltek Canadian Water Limited has introduced vitamin enriched ‘Wild Water’ for the first time in Andhra Pradesh. The vitamin enriched Wild Water promises to nourish people with all the necessary vitamins like Vitamin A, B & C along minerals like Zinc.

    The demand for pure water with all ingredients is growing in Andhra Pradesh. There are numerous tiny water plants that have mushroomed in every street doing crores of rupees of business annually. Many are unregistered and follow no proper quality and safety measures.

    Having realised the growing demand for enriched water, Beltek Canadian Water Limited has introduced this life style beverage which promises to nourish with natural flavours, natural colours, and the goodness of Vitamins.

    The Wild Water is available in three flavours which include Tropical citrus, flavoured energise, lemon flavoured reload and dragon fruit flavoured Immunity. Wild Water has no preservatives, has low sugar and focuses on tasty hydration thus meeting the needs of calorie-conscious consumers. With no seasonality factor the all weather lifestyle drink Wild-Water not only provides a dose of vitamins it is also prepared with finest ingredients from USA, contains mouth-watering flavours that shine through as well as maintains International Quality Standard.

    Steve Verma, Director, Beltek Canadian Water Limited said, “Till now Vitamin Enriched Water has only been available outside India. Wild Water with its goodness is an entirely new category in the Rs. 300 Crore (excluding energy drink) Indian functional drink arena. The Natural flavoured water with the goodness of Vitamins is the best thing people can get today even internationally.”

    While Tropical Citrus flavoured energise comes with the benefit of Vitamins C & B along with Guarana extracts, Lemonade flavoured reload is available with the benefits of Vitamins A, B & C along with electrolytes and the Dragon Fruit flavoured Immunity with Vitamin B, C & Zinc.

    Available at an attractive price of Rs. 70, Wild Water is already present in leading stores of Delhi/ NCR and soon will be entering other Indian cities. The company has signed upcoming Indian film and stage actor Shazahn Padamsee as the brand ambassador to promote Wild Water.

    Each batch of Wild Water undergoes a rigorous test procedure to maintain International Standard quality and excellence. The concoction has been formulated with the least possible amount of Pure Cane Sugar, is an excellent healthy alternative to sweetened juices, colas and fizzy drinks.

    source: / PharmaBiz / Home> Top News> Product Launches / by the PharmaBiz Bureau team / Hyderabad, Tuesday – April 09th, 2013

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    April 26th, 2013adminBusiness & Economy, World Opinion


    Switzerland Consul General Rolf Frei interacting with investors at a seminar in Visakhapatnam on Wednesday. /.  Photo: K.R. Deepak / The Hindu

    Switzerland Consul General Rolf Frei interacting with investors at a seminar in Visakhapatnam on Wednesday. /. Photo: K.R. Deepak / The Hindu

    Visakhapatnam : 

    Visakhapatnam, as a fast-developing city, can look to Switzerland and the local companies can form joint ventures with Swiss companies in many sectors to mutual advantage, Bangalore-based Consulate General of Switzerland Rolf Frei has said.

    He was interacting with local industrialists and investors at a session organised here on Wednesday evening by the Vizagapatam Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

    On his maiden visit to the city, he said that he was very impressed with the facilities and the beauty of the city.

    “The way I am being received is quite amazing. The city and its people are very warm and beautiful. When my flight was landing, I was thrilled to see the panoramic view of the blue waters of Bay of Bengal and the hills,” he said.

    He said the Switzerland Government was looking at strengthening the bilateral ties in trade and commerce. The Consulate office was opened in Bangalore two years ago recognising the immense investment potential in and from South India.

    Frei said the Government was looking at investment opportunities in tourism, infrastructure, information and communication technology, retail, life-sciences, clean technologies, research and development and education.

    “Many from South India are investing in Switzerland because it’s the gateway to Europe and has excellent infrastructure and tax incentives,” he stated.

    Biotech and IT offices have been opened with an investment of $1 billion by Indians in Switzerland. The Swiss investment in India is of the order of $4 billion. “We have made a big Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in India,” he said.

    Thirty Indian companies with interest in Europe have so far opened their offices in Switzerland. “We have stable political environment, skilled manpower and excellent infrastructure. Low taxes are the main attraction,” he said.

    Frei said 20 to 30 per cent of foreign tourists, who visit Switzerland every year, were from India. “Our tourist spots, round the year particularly in summer from May to September offer a fabulous experience to tourists. Every, at least 20-30 Indian films are shot in Switzerland. It is a favourite spot with Indian film makers,” he remarked.

    Chamber President K. Ramabrahmam, Symbiosys CEO O. Naresh Kumar, and others spoke on the advantages of investing in Visakhapatnam and urged the Consul-General to bring in a delegation of Swiss industrialists and others the next time with him to showcase Vizag.

    source: / Business Line / Home> News> Economy / by CH. R. S. Sarma / Visakhapatnam, March 21st, 2013

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