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    Hyderabad  :

    From Karlapalem to Madison, his journey as a leader is awe inspiring. Whether it is at college or job or business or now in American leadership, Hanu has always been in the forefront and proved that integrity and honesty pay off. As Hanu Karlapalem gets busy with his work for the upcoming polls, he gets talking.

    “Madison, Alabama is my home. I have been living here for more than 16 years, the longest I ever lived in any city. This city gave me so much. Now it is my turn to give back”, says Hanu who clarifies his intentions to not politicise his leadership.

    “I am not a politician, but I am a visionary and a leader.  I do not want any political affiliations for now.  So, my choice is to be the CEO of the city and work towards its betterment. Thus, I decided to run for the office of Mayor and serve the people of Madison, Alabama to create positive long term sustainable results”, says Hanu, who hails from a Karlapalem, Guntur district.

    “Karlapalem is my last name too. We are six siblings and our parents made sure we had quality education. My father was well respected as a principal, mathematics teacher, farmer and investor”, he adds.

    Hanu is a graduate of Delhi College of Engineering and pursued MS in University of Alabama, Hunstville. After his graduation and before moving to the USA, Hanu established a business in air ionisation and air purification systems, industrial and commercial lighting and oil reclamation in Hyderabad during early 90s. “I lived in Hyderabad until I moved to the USA. I had branches of my business in Visakhapatnam too. But I had to wind up everything as my wife and I decided to move to the USA”.

    “Even before I moved to the US, one of my dreams was to study at a university in the US and receive a Master’s degree. I can happily say that I achieved that dream through my wife, Vidya’s support.

    “We have been married for 21 years. We have no children, but we devote as much time as possible in supporting many causes that help under-privileged children. She works for a global company and is my pillar in this journey”.

    Currently he is busy with informal personal meetings. “We attend Yard sales, events and interact with the public and tell them about my campaigns. People have started recognising me and often tell me that they see my signboards. We also have social media activities where we interact with the citizens. I have campaign staff who work for me,” he adds.

    When asked about his motivation to become a leader, “In my fifth grade, I stood first in my class. My father appreciated me. But he said something that still motivates me. He told me that, I am a topper in just Karlapalem. Once, I step out of this village, I will see more competition and more responsibility. Winning outside is also essential. These words still remind me the high standards that my father set for my life,” he reminisces.

    About his political journey, Hanu agrees that it is not easy for an Indian American to run for office and be at the forefront of the US politics. “I must say, I have been getting a lot of support and encouragement from people of Madison. That is my driving force”, he adds.

    Hanu’s vision for Madison is to become the ‘Number one Small City in America’ that boasts vibrant economy, fosters small businesses and innovation, creates business and job opportunities, and provides high quality education. “My plan is to provide VALUE (Vision, Accountability, Leadership, Unity, and Ethics) and put the city on the path to become number one Small City in America. I am proposing Start Up Madison (SUM),  transparency portal with open data policy for open government, Vision Board, Veterans Support Board etc,” shares Hanu.

    “More than me, I think Vidya is sacrificing a lot to support me in the election process. I have to sacrifice my business income, but if I am elected I will receive salary as the Mayor who is considered as a full time CEO of the city,” he adds. Hanu is confident that if he is elected, he will be a proactive, communicative, innovative and inclusive Mayor that people will appreciate.

    source: / The New Indian Express / Home> Cities> Hyderabad / by Swathi Sririam / May 31st, 2016

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    A city orchestra team, Supreme, has performed in Malaysia recently and enthralled the Telugu audience there.

    The orchestra has gone to Malaysia at the invitation of the Malaysia Telugu Cultural and Welfare Association (PKKTM) of Kuala Lumpur to perform in the Mother’s Day celebrations.

    It has also presented Ghantasala Gaanamaala and during the function, son of Ghantasala, Ratnakumar was felicitated and he had also sang a few songs rendered by his father, informed Sekhar, head of the orchestra, at a press conference here. Badamgir Sai, a cultural promoter and others also spoke.

    The programmes were conducted by the Telugu Welfare and Cultural Association president Jagadeeswara Rao, District Councellor of Gobank district Letchumunan, association’s vice-president Krishna Murthy, other members A. Appanna, Appala Naidu and S.B. Letchu, president of Telugu Foundation Datto R. Kantha Rao, Akku Naidu, former president of Malaysia medical association A. Krishnamurthy Appala Naidu, president of Telugu Intellectuals Association Prakasa Rao while Raman Rao hosted the team.

    The orchestra consisted of singers Sekhar, Madhu, Rani and Nandita, instrumentalists Someswara Rao, D. Rajesh, Kalki Sreenu, Kannaji, Karuna Prasad, Vicky and Shyam.

    source: / The Hindu / Home> News> Cities> Visakhapatanam / by Special Correspondent / Visakhapatnam – May 30th, 2016

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    May 30th, 2016adminSports

    It was a day to cherish for Andhra Cricket Association (ACA) for its Central Zone secretary and Krishna District Cricket Association member Koka Ramesh was nominated as the administrative manager of the senior Indian cricket team which would be touring Zimbabwe from June 11.

    Fifty-nine-year-old Ramesh is the fourth Andhra cricket administrator to tour with the Men in Blue as manager since the inception of the association in 1953.

    Earlier, late ACA chief D.V. Subba Rao (West Indies), former ACA secretary N. Venkata Rao (New Zealand, Australia South Africa), G. Ranga Raju (Zimbabwe) and V. Satya Prasad (Bangladesh) donned the role of the manager.

    source: / The Hindu / Home> News> Cities> Vijayawada / Special Correspondent / Vijayawada – May 28th, 2016

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    May 29th, 2016adminArts, Culture & Entertainment
    Kottapalli Pravallika during her concert

    Kottapalli Pravallika during her concert

    The Upadrshta Foundation of Gudivada celebrated the 249 Jayanthi of Sri Thyagaraja Swamy at Upadrashta Venkata Sastri Brahmin Community Hall and a sizable gathering of musicians and music lovers attended the vocal concert presented in this connection. The singer was a 12-year-old prodigy Kothapalli Pravallika, a disciple of vidwan Popuri Syamasunder. Pravallika ha started showing extraordinary talent from the age of six years and she sports a melodious voice and sharp swara gnanam.

    She started the concert with Muthiah Bhagavatar’s famous varnam Mathe Malayadhvaja Pandya Raja Tanaye in Khamas and continued to build up the tempo withVijayambike (Vijayanagari). In the sub main item Bhajana Seyave of Tyagaraja in Kalyani, Pravallika displayed fine manodharmam ability in the raga delineation and kalpana swaras.

    This was followed in quick succession withKanjadalayatakshi in Kamala manohari and Sara Sara Samarai of Thyagaraja. The main item in Pravallika’s concert was Thyagaraja’s Prakkala Nilabadi in Kharaharapriya rendered competently with fine ragalapana, bhava rich neraval and crisp kalpana swaras. After the main item Pravallika rendered Rangapura vihara of Dikshitar in Brindavana Saranga, Tandanana Ahi of Annamacharya in Bowli and Lalgudi’s thillana in rag Desh.

    Fine instrumental support for Pravallika was provided by Palaparthy Nageswara Rao on violin, Inapavuluri Pinakapani on mridangam and T.Lakshmi Shanker on the morsing.

    source: / The Hindu / Home> Features> Friday Review / by P. Surya Rao / Vijayawada – May 26th, 2016

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    May 28th, 2016adminBusiness & Economy, World Opinion


    Nations like Egypt and Oman, who are the world’s biggest buffalo meat importers, are all set to buy beef from the modern abattoir in the port city.

    A team of representatives from the two countries recently visited the modern abattoir and after inspecting the conditions, approved the import of beef under the aegis of the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA). The export of meat would start soon after the official inauguration of the abattoir by the state government next month.

    This apart, other countries like United Arab Emirates (UAE), Iraq, Iran, China, Vietnam and Russia are also likely to import the meat from the city.

    Vizag Foods Private Limited (VFPL) director Mohammed Naziruddin confirmed that both Egypt and Oman have in principle agreed to import beef from Vizag. “The modern abattoir, which will be the third biggest in the country, will maintain a blast freezer on the lines of the ones in European countries. The meat will be frozen at -40 degree Celsius under the blast freezing system. Everything is mechanised except the Halal (cutting the throat of the animal). The animal will be left alone for nearly 20 to 30 minutes after the slaughter before the subsequent processing is taken up,” he said.

    “If everything goes according to plans including the inauguration of the abattoir, we will start business from August this year. We will start procuring the buffaloes soon after the inauguration,” Naziruddin said, adding that the farmers will no longer need to take the animals to Hyderabad for the same purpose.

    The abattoir has a capacity of generating a maximum of 90 tonnes of bovine meat in a day. About 600 buffaloes are required to generate 90 tonnes of meat. Similarly, it has a capacity of slaughtering 2,000 sheep in a day. “While the buffalo meat will be exported, the sheep meat will be for the local market,” Naziruddin said, adding that Visakhapatnam Port Trust will be the channel for exporting the meat to foreign ports including the Port of El Iskandariya in Egypt.

    The male bovines will be procured from neighbouring Odisha, West Bengal and also from north coastal districts like Srikakulam and Vizianagaram. The VFPL will give special incentives and advances to the farmers to market the animals to the abattoir which has a dedicated area of nearly 1 acre to keep the animals.

    According to sources from the APEDA, April to October is the best season for the export of the bovine meat from the country. There is high demand for India’s buffalo meat in China as it is the only country that imports the buffalo offal such as buffalo liver, heart and tongue and other internal organs. India exports nearly 8 lakh to 10 lakh tonnes of buffalo meat every year worth Rs 16,000 crore to Rs 20,000 crore, of which 50 per cent is exported to China.

    source: / The Times of India / News Home> City> Visakhapatnam / by V. Kamalakara Rao, TNN / May 27th, 2016

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    Rana Uppalapati’s feat on skates is also an effort to raise funds for a cancer patient admitted to Mahatma Gandhi Cancer Hospital and Research Institute. —Photo: K.R. Deepak

    Rana Uppalapati’s feat on skates is also an effort to raise funds for a cancer patient admitted to Mahatma Gandhi Cancer Hospital and Research Institute. —Photo: K.R. Deepak

    Rana Uppalapati is all set to embark on a remarkable journey on skates once again covering 800 kilometres from Visakhapatnam to Chennai for a social cause.

    Rana’s journey that will begin on Saturday will cover the coastal corridor in eight days and culminate at Chennai’s Marina Beach as part of an awareness campaign for breast cancer for the Chennai Pinkathon to be held on June 5.

    He plans to skate 100 km each day and speak at colleges and villages along the way about his journey and the cause behind it.

    Rana had previously skated from Mumbai to Goa for the Goa edition of Pinkathon.

    Founded by actor and model Milind Soman, Pinkathon is an event that aims to inspire women to get fit and change their outlook towards health, apart from spreading awareness about important health issues.

    Rana’s incredible feat on skates is also an effort to raise funds for a cancer patient admitted at Mahatma Gandhi Cancer Hospital and Research Institute, who has been diagnosed with stage two of cancer.

    Addressing a media conference on Friday, Rana, the young entrepreneur and business associate of Titan Industries Ltd., said: “There are many patients who cannot afford cancer treatment. We have identified one such patient who is differently-abled and below the poverty line. I urge people to at least donate Re 1 for each kilometre I skate towards her treatment through the crowd funding website Ketto ( to contribute to the cause.” For offline contributions, contact Jyothi at 9000831655.

    Harsh summer conditions

    “It is not easy to skate on such harsh summer conditions and I have been warned enough. But I hope through my journey I am able to reach out to more people and spread awareness on critical health issues. Pinkathon ambassadors, Sirisha and Jyothi will be helping me in keeping this campaign going,” added Rana.

    Community engagement activities

    On his recent journey on skates from Mumbai to Goa, Rana had undertaken community engagement activities by motivating youth and giving talks at schools and colleges along the way. He had penned down his experiences on his Facebook posts that had become quite popular.

    The Vizag edition of Pinkathon – Vizag Going Pink – will be held on November 20 this year.

    Rana Uppalapati is planning to cover 800 km in eight days to create awareness on health issues

    source: / The Hindu / Home> News> Cities> Visakhapatnam / by Staff Reporter / Visakhapatnam – May 28th, 2016

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